Monday, January 14, 2013

Absolutist President calls House Absolutist

Is the POTUS actually a bot?  Most of his presser intro today was spent reciting the same things he said prior to the fiscal cliff, such as 'the rich aren't paying their fair share' and 'Warren Buffett's secretary pays more tax then he does', etc.  By the way, isn't the correct term "administrative assistant"?  Does O still call flight attendants 'stewardesses'?

Anyway, it's as if he doesn't realize the rich just saw their tax rates go back to the dreamy Clinton-era levels, which was supposed to be their fair share.  Or wait--he never precisely defined fair share, so apparently Clinton's fair share rates weren't fair enough.   Maybe it makes sense to him that since they already pay most of the tax burden anyway they should also pay for all the overspending Congress has racked up over the years by raising the debt ceiling.  After all, isn't that why he voted against raising it when Bushitler was in power?   Or something...

See, decider guy explains by saying the difference is the House is full of 'absolutists' who demand 100 percent of their demands (which amount to less spending) or they will send us over the fiscal downgrade.  This despite pounding a rhetorical fist throughout the interview vowing to never bargain over the debt limit, never, ever. 

Well, it's good thing we don't have an imperial president anymore.   


Everybody talks about the GOP standing firm and shutting down the government if Obama won't deal on the debt ceiling.  While that sounds good, it's a loser.  Evidence of that is already rolling in.

Back when Newt shut it down he wasn't leveraging the debt ceiling, just the budget.  The House passed the 'Contract with America' budget, the Senate passed it and Clinton vetoed it.  Spending authority ran out because they refused to pass a continuing resolution.  The short term result was Gingrich being compared to the Grinch; the long term result was balanced budgets, no hit on the economy and a liberal president declaring that 'the era of big government is over'.  Stunningly successful, in retrospect. 

Granted, Boehner has less cards to play with because they don't have the Senate, ie, when the House puts together a budget and sends it to Reid he simply shoves it in a dead letter box and continues whistling.  Why?  Because he can--the media has not pressure him or Obama to fulfill their constitutional duties.

But as Newt says, there's still leverage.  Pass the bills.  Send over a budget and force Reid to put it in his pocket, then when the debt ceiling debate arrives and the media is finally listening keep harping on the fact we have no budget.  Say it over and over. Have Newt say it.  Loudly charge the Democrats with dereliction of duty, stating that they are trying to wait until the 2014 mid-terms to do their duty so they won't have to worry about decreasing the budget. 

Then after that hay has been made quickly pass a debt ceiling increase through the end of the calendar year--not a day into 2014.  Obama wants a long term spike to remove the issue until after the mid-terms, don't dare give it to him.  Give him what he claims to demand--an increase, through the end of the year.  Let Reid spike it.  This isn't a bargaining situation like the fiscal cliff, dickering over a figure, it's an either/or.  Reid cannot possibly hold up the bill demanding it be longer term and win that fight.  

Obama is trying to push every button he can right now in an effort to elicit a panicky, emotional response from the Tea Party.  Don't give it to him.  Understand the enemy.  Keep cool and don't overreact, giving Boehner a reason to play towards McConnell and the House Dems in response to media perception.  

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