Wednesday, January 02, 2013

In with a Bang

With all eyes on New Years and the fiscal cliff a few stories slipped past the national press dragnet.  One of course was the re-authorization of the warrantless wiretapping surveillance program, which is strange since we were told AQ is on the ropes and near defeat, UBL is dead and GM is alive.

Another is the ongoing mysterious "where is Hillary" story.   After weeks of radio silence one of her friends finally released a statement to "Foreign Policy" last Thursday confirming her as concussion-rocked but fit-as-a-fiddle and ready for duty this week.  The writer managed to lay a few blows on the right who had the temerity to not fully believe the official line.

The story got weirder Sunday when Mrs. Clinton was diagnosed with a blood clot for which she was prescribed thinners.  The spokesman was ambiguous as to location of said clot, which led to even more speculation.   

But this time it was the mainstream media who suddenly took great notice, reminding folks about all the right wing skeptics while trotting out a host of experts who displayed skepticism over the released details.  As if in unison these experts said blood thinners are not prescribed for cranial thrombosesis so the clot must be elsewhere, like in her legs.  But it was certainly not related to the concussion.

But oops, Mrs. Clinton's spokesman trickled out more info on New Years Eve to poop that party, specifying a "CVT" thrombosis, which apparently does respond to thinners.  The experts quickly were replaced by new and better experts.

BS story?  Conspiracy?  Well, ask yourself this--would the Clintons risk making up a phony-baloney concussion story to get out of embarrassing testimony?  Almost certainly.  But would they go as far as elevating it to a blood clot, bringing in various hospital technicians and other assorted people who could later blow it all up and explode Hillary's legacy forever while also having repercussions for Obama on Benghazi?  Maybe, but that seems far-fetched even for the Clintons.  Actually, this is the only conspiracy story that could make sense based on national security and it's pretty far out there as well.  

Meanwhile, police arrested a couple of hippies in Greenwich Village on New Years Eve who just happened to have some powdered explosives (and precursors), bomb-making manuals and other paraphernalia in their pad along with a couple of shotguns and gasp, some high capacity magazines.  Nobody commented on why there were magazines found without any guns to put them in.  Maybe they were supplying David Gregory.

And while the wild-eyed Murdock Post and Daily Caller saw a connection to OWS and even tangential links to a certain washed up terrorist, the NY Times, WaPo and others saw pretty much nothing at all.   Welcome to 2013.  


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Right Truth said...

The EU Times isn't credible, nor is the so called source of the story who is known to be certifiably out there.

I don't think the doctors etc. would like, they do have reputations and licenses to keep. But you can bet there is more to the story.

Right Truth