Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Why Obama Probably likes Hagel

Surely this will become a topic..

Obama, 2004:

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Chuck Hagel, 2007:

Both echoed the idea that Islamic terrorists in Iraq, Palestine and elsewhere were only using terrorism as a 'tactic' due to their societal, political and economic situations--never mentioning Islam or jihad.  Both also seemed to leave the impression that those good people using terrorist tactics were in part responding to US acting dumb.  Not sure whether that would include "air raiding villages and killing civilians".  Probably not anymore.

The most stunning comment other than Hagel allowing himself to be used by the Dems in opposing the surge was his quip about the Palestinians being 'chained down' over the years.  We all know by whom.  Couple that with Brennan trying to score points with an Islamic audience by calling Jerusalem "al Quds' and there's some ripe material for confirmation questions.   And maybe that's what the great divider wants, but there are crafty ways to thwart that without causing a big ruckus or impugning anyone's service.  Certain Senators are more than capable of asking the questions. 


Right Truth said...

When it comes down to voting, he will do just fine because Republicans believe "Obama one, he deserves to get his pick". Unfortunately the Democrats do not feel the same way when things are reversed.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Well, the O did win. The stupid clutzes who are already confused about their paycheck going down as O tells them to their face he saved their tax cut voted him in. Any fierce opposition will be used against the GOP to further divide and destroy the opposition. It's a sinister thing going on right now.

But there are a few people who could ask the questions without getting much blowback, establishing some sound bites as to what both Hagel and Brennan believe before they get confirmed.