Sunday, January 06, 2013

Yes, but...

The NY Times is funny.  Almost a caricature of itself.  Today they featured a hagiography on Hillary that could have just as easily been written by her State Department Press office. Matter of fact, her own writers probably wouldn't have been as syrupy:
For now, aides say, Mrs. Clinton’s focus is on wrapping up her work at the State Department. She would like to take part in a town hall-style meeting, thank her staff and sit for some interviews. But first she has to get clearance from her doctors, who are watching her to make sure that the blood thinners they have prescribed for her clot are working.
Speaking to a meeting of a foreign policy advisory board from her home in Chappaqua, N.Y., on Thursday, Mrs. Clinton said she was crossing her fingers and encouraging her doctors to let her return next week. “I’m trying to be a compliant patient,” she said, according to a person who was in the room. “But that does require a certain level of patience, which I’ve had to cultivate over the last three and a half weeks.”
No man bites dog of course; the question is whether this kind of piece is just the Times being the Times or an attempt to set up Hillary as a martyr before her presumed Benghazi testimony. Put another way, this woman is so exhausted by her grueling work for America that anything further is asking too much.  If anyone doubts any of this they are, in the words of her spokesman, an "imbecile".

That's certainly one way to cloak her legacy should she find the stamina to run in 2016.  Perhaps the bigger question is not Benghazi--Clinton will almost surely testify at some point although the likelihood of her divulging any real answers to the real questions is slim to none. No, the real question the Times piece didn't answer or even broach is whether all that travel has produced anything positive.  What do we have to show for it? 

The left cozily thinks that Obama's mere presence in office secures our reputation in the world.  Pew Research deals in reality through polling.  Their latest world poll regarding US opinion completed in 2012 showed a positive US image of 80 percent.  The one from 2007 showed us at.... 80 percent.

But public opinion is fickle.  What about tangible results?  Is the world on the precipice of global peace and tranquility?   Well, there has been no movement on a Palestinian state. Syria's civil war has produced perhaps 60,000 dead civilians along with a threat of WMDs; Iraq is still not stable; Iran continues to push towards nuclear weapons capability while our own government released a report suggesting they are the hub of Islamic terrorism; nuclear Pakistan still holds the strings over our efforts in Afghanistan, which are going nowhere; the Muslim Brotherhood controls Egypt and Benghazi was an example of the chaos remaining in Libya.

Meanwhile, as the president trumps our coming exit from Afghanistan and the death of bin Laden the US military is sending troops to 35 African nations this year to battle emerging AQ cells (and presumably to help look for Joseph Kony).  Our embassy in the Central African Republic was recently evacuated and Obama sent US troops to Chad in response with hardly any peep from team Hillary or her staff writers at the Times.  Perhaps it was due to her Sunday doctor appointment on the 30th and the subsequent hospital visit.  And New Years, etc. 

Amidst this chaos North Korea recently launched a missile and China launched an aircraft carrier. Global warming is presumably still raging while Vladimir Putin has said "nyet" to more US adoptions.  Maybe there was a reason the Times piece didn't discuss achievements.

But to them she is the achievement.  It's not her fault the rest of the world didn't fall in line.  She once did an all-nighter on her 757.  Anyone who doesn't recognize that is an imbecile.   

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Right Truth said...

She didn't accomplish anything positive, but she sure did have some good times ....

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