Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Newtown Reality

This was clipped from the Ed Schultz comedy hour tonight, a dose of reality from one of the mothers of a Sandy Hook victim in advance of tomorrow"s big announcement.  It's plainly evident that all the political BS that spewed out after the event has clouded some of the pain:

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Notice Schultz tried and probably hoped she would lay into gun rights or GOP lawmakers or nut jobs like Alex Jones, but she didn't, she simply cut right to the chase--Adam Lanza.  What caused this young man to snap?  It wasn't guns.  We still don't know.  And nothing the president says or does tomorrow will solve that riddle or prevent another event, as sad as that sounds.  


So the Decider Guy, with audience (and basically an applause track) announced his decisions today.  You'll read it elsewhere but if you're here to this point you're interesting in my two cents, so here it is-- two things: 

One, doctors.  The idea that the government wants physicians to quiz their patients about access to guns might sound good but it sets them up with what seems to be an incredible level of liability.  Consider this--they have a patient and don't ask about gun access, and said patient goes on a rampage.  Who gets part of the blame?   If the doctors do ask and the patient confesses they have access, what condition determines the reporting?  Would depression?  

Two, Obama is right, no laws will prevent violence completely.  None of what was mentioned today would have prevented the Columbine massacre, for instance.  None of it would have prevented Major Hasan--a shrink--from engaging in 'workplace violence'.   Studying the genesis of such violence is fine but any pastor could explain it--evil.   None of these murder-suicide nuts are afraid of the after-life.  How could they be?  

So isn't the problem perhaps a lack of moral teachings or faith?

How about family life--Lanza's dad was a no-show.  Shouldn't Obama have signed an executive order banning divorce?  Studies have already shown that all things being equal, children are worse off with only one parent.  Surely children die as a result of these broken families, so banning divorce might save one child.

Bottom line, there's not much we can do about evil other than fight it.  The reason AQ suicide terror tactics are so effective is because the perps are willing to die for the cause, they aren't around to go through the legal system.   Hey, Obama should have banned suicide, too.     

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