Thursday, June 20, 2013

Aviation Update

Jack Cashill is tickled.  After all these years skeptics of the official story about TWA flight 800 are getting some respectable press (as opposed to the usual wacko bird treatment) based on the coming out of six former investigators who worked the case but don't believe the official finding.  

Cashill isn't alone, a blizzard of stories on almost every network and newspaper have provided an interesting glimpse into the mindset of America on the story (or at least the mindset of those bothering to comment)--and there appear to be a lot of skeptics. 

While some are happy to see the 'truth' come to light I'm still a skeptic on everything.  It's entirely possible that a spark in the center wing tank caused the explosion and crash.  Certainly a long shot chance, but sometimes stuff happens.

The reason I've discounted the official story stems from several questions that have never really been answered to my satisfaction, including stuff that doesn't belong in a typical air crash investigation. Even now, with all the new coverage, the press doesn't know enough to ask about them when speaking to former NTSB officials like Jim Hall or the former FBI lead investigator James Kallstrom.  So I'll put mine down in a short list:

1.  Why was the CIA involved in producing the 'zoom-climb' video?   How involved were the spy agencies in this crash and why were they involved in a domestic aviation crash investigation?  Did they prepare any reports about their involvement and if so, are those reports available?

2.  Where did the traces of PETN and RDX on the airplane come from if not a dog training exercise in St. Louis weeks before the crash?    

3.  Did the autopsies of the victims show any strange metallic fragments or anything unusual?  Have those reports been released?

4.  Was there a home video taken of the event or not?  If so, was it shown on MSNBC, then confiscated by the FBI? 

5.  If Iran or Iraq were somehow linked to the crash via a terrorist act, what would Clinton have done?  Were any contingencies planned?   

It will be interesting to see what comes of this new revelation.  Let's see if the media goes after these six or treats them with respect.  Maybe this will put this whole thing to bed once and for all, answering the above questions.  Surely the families of the victims hope this will be the last of it.


Right Truth said...

Seems that these insiders took a long time to come out with their thoughts. The story seems to have disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

It may come back around July 17 and the anniversary, when the video will be shown on cable.

They are claiming they waited until after retirement, which is reasonable IF there is a cover-up I guess.