Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Scandal Update

Let's see...

On the James Rosen-subpoena-did-Holder-lie scandal, has it ever been established whether DoJ actually informed News Corp?  It sounds like they were initially notified of an investigation about phone taps back in 2010 but not that Rosen's emails were being scrutinized.  News Corp's former lawyer says he would have remembered such a thing, but doesn't remember such a thing.   The link points out a possible leverage play between Fox and the DoJ based on the UK phone hacking case that was going on at the time.  Interesting, as in maybe they felt they had a freebie with Rosen.  Since O'Reilly's head still hasn't exploded and Rosen seems to be partially in hiding, hmmm.  Not that it would justify such a thing but it would illustrate classic Chicago hardball politics in play.  

On the AP email harvesting scandal, where are they in terms of finding a suspect(s) after trolling all that email?  Are they close to an arrest?   Tom Donillon has 'resigned' as NSA and Rice will take over, not that there's any connection, just sayin.  Can executive privilege be retro-active?  Can Rice refuse to answer questions in her new position based on EP even about old events?  Speaking of AQ, will the White House release any additional documents captured in the UBL raid other than the selective seventeen that helped support the notion that AQ was on the run?   

On the Benghazi scandal, where was the president after about 8pm Washington time during the night of 9/11?  What did he and Hillary discuss during the 10pm phone call Obama placed to her, after which State issued a press release mentioning the Mohammed video clip?   Did the administration try to call a consulate a mission to avoid the legal responsibility of security that was denied by Hillary's autopen? 

On the IRS scandal, did the White House coordinate with those in IRS/Treasury on the phony-baloney question at the conference that got the story out?  If so, did they purposely time it to hit the media on the same day the Benghazi story was blowing up in the press--the same day Carney called a special background briefing for 14 select media friends?   Was Jake Tapper present in the meeting of the 14 journos on Friday?  He received a the leak the following day containing an actual email that was used to pretend the GOP Congress were lying about their characterization of the talking points emails, which were later released and showed that State and WH indeed both wanted things removed but the narrative had already been changed by the Paid Liar to 'case closed, they lied.  If the White House was involved in helping time the IRS story, why isn't that bad?    

Meanwhile Obama's answer to all of this is to bring a gun to a knife fight.  The announcements about Comey for FBI, Power for UN Ambassador and Rice for NSA are classic fingers in the eye.  This from the most transparent post-racial uniter in history.

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