Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all. 

Seeing as how this is a political blog there has to be some Father's Day politics, so here goes..

Now, this is a good message--we need more involved fathers.  Part of the break down of America can be traced to moms and dads cutting and running when times get tough, leaving the kids to suffer.   Of course there are some political pitfalls to such a wholesome message.

One, why does Obama hate step-fathers?   Well, his own.  He NEVER mentions Lolo Soetoro, who came into his life when the future lead-from-behind-decider-guy was two and remained married to his 'single mother' until little O was a young teenager living with his grandparents in Hawaii (soon to visit his communist mentor Frank Davis).   Seems the president could put in a good word for step-dads, who step in and take over fatherhood duties for kids they didn't father.  There are a lot of good ones out there amongst the bad ones.  Since he acts as if his step father never existed Soetoro must have been a bad one, but why lie by omission about his own family? 
Two, is it really kosher to say we need dads anymore?  If Obama believes in gay marriage then he believes it's perfectly OK for a kid not to have a father figure in their lives at all.  Two mommies are good enough.  Or is he using the old logic that gays can't be parents because they can't procreate? 

Oh well, it's a mystery, just like who hacked into Sharyl Attkisson's CBS computer, or who might be arrested or fired for leaking about Yemen, or how the vaunted FBI Director doesn't even know who's in charge of the IRS targeting investigation, or where any of these scandals have gone.  Or why cold chicken tastes so good but cold steak doesn't.   Anyway, have a great day, all.    

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