Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lap Dog Update

Here's a screen shot off ABC News' front page this morning:

So these are the political stories ABC News wants you to care about next week:  G8 (Syria red line),  gun control (using the Sandy victims), a Senate special election in Massachusetts, Gang of Eight (amnesty for illegals), House passing a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks, and whatever comes out of the Supreme Court.

That's it.  That's all ABC News thinks you should care about.

Not a CBS journalist having her computer rifled through by someone.  Nope, not something you'll care about.

Not the Director of the FBI telling a congressman he knows practically nothing about the FBI investigation of the IRS Tea Party targeting, including whether FBI agents were dispatched to some of the groups WHILE THEY WERE WAITING for an answer about their applications.   Just some rogue agents, perhaps. 

Not any updates about who leaked national security information about Yemen and Iran, which led to phone lines of the AP being trolled without notification.  Are there any indictments or firings coming?   Oh right, it's an ongoing investigation so nobody can comment.

Not the James Rosen story and why he was called a "flight risk" by Eric Holder, who apparently is doing a "heckuva job" or something.   And nothing on why the FBI Director (who knows nothing about the IRS investigation) appeared to contradict himself during House questioning about this last week.  Not important, he's leaving anyway.

Ed Snowden and his revelations?  So last week.

Not the story about bad behavior in the State Dept during Hillary's term, including allegations of an ambassador hooking up with hookers and kids and a possible cover-up.

Even the strange story about the lack of full-time IGs in the O administration doesn't garner any curiosity from the political desk at ABC.  

So congrats, guys.  By showing yourself to be interested in only stories the administration wants to push next week you've grabbed the top spot as the biggest water-carrier.  A great accomplishment, up against stalwarts NBC and CNN.  Be sure to use your extensive radio news network to pump up these stories and push the new narrative at the top and bottom of every hour.  Maybe someone will pat you on the head.  Or give Diane Sawyer another exclusive.

MORE  6/15/13

Although they are aghast at any mention of bias, notice the ties between ABC News and high level people in this administration.  ABC has generally been more favorable to the White House than even CNN of late. Just saying.  

NOW THAT...  6/16/13 some top notch snark.  


Always On Watch said...

The state and the mainstream media have merged.

I don't know how my students (groups of homeschoolers) are going to effectively and sincerely write the annual VFW essay this time around: "Why I'm Optimistic about Our Nation's Future?"

Without a free press, the freedom of our republic will not continue.

Always On Watch said...

Linked at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

Right Truth said...

ABC has certain people that will be fair on occasion, but

There are so many scandals, I don't have much hope that anything will come of any of them. They will claim they are investigating, can't talk about, it, Obama didn't know, Hillary didn't know, ...

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Thanks for the link, AOW. Sometimes it would be nice to be a kid again and not be burdened by the truth about this country's likely future.

A.C. McCloud said...

I know Jon Karl is supposed to be known as a fair reporter and Brian Ross has done some good stuff, maybe a few others, but overall they are AWOL on pursuing any of these scandal stories. I think that comes from the top.

And agree Debbie on the scandal volume. Putting on the tinfoil hat it could be an effort to dump them all on us at the same time so none of them get full focus. That would flush them all, just in time for the mid-terms. But my other gut feeling is that some people have had it with this admin and are spilling out of frustration.