Monday, June 24, 2013

How Many...

..degrees F does the president think he can reduce the Earth's temperature with the new EPA initiatives he will be rolling out tomorrow?  That's the question.  We deserve a hard number!


Consider this post a meeting!   The president  basically said today that the debate is over--the Earth is warming and we must stop it.   He mentioned the US temperatures of 2012--warmest on record--a record that goes back about 120 years.  Undeniable.  But it wasn't in the top five across the globe. 

He mentioned a recent heat wave in Alaska without mentioning a record cold winter up there.  He did not mention an usually cold spring in many parts of America.  Or in the UK--coldest spring in over 50 years.  He talked about the polar ice cap at its smallest size without mentioning that it came back to almost normal size by late winter and is near normal now.      

He tried to directly compare the soot/smog pollution/acid rain problem of the 60s and 70s with CO2 "pollution", ie, a natural substance, saying that all the doomsayers were wrong about correcting acid rain.  Well yeah, some folks pushed back on those regs but he created another strawman by comparing it to carbon pollution across the entire globe.  Prices will go up if there's no alternative method to deliver energy.  And if energy suddenly becomes more expensive there will be no economic recovery.  That's not a slogan, that's a 'fact'.  

MORE  6/25/13

Here's the speech.  It's a long one--and good--he's one of the best ever at delivering them.   Couldn't help but notice the irony of him talking about the evil emissions from cars, trucks and power plants as commercial aircraft kept loudly buzzing overhead distracting him.

He also said the "seas will keep rising".  Do I need to remind anyone?   

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