Thursday, August 21, 2014

Brown and the Media

So an American journalist gets beheaded by Islamic nutcakes on You ube and a day later the administration unveils details of a top secret raid that failed to rescue him?  And their excuse is that their hands were tied because the media already had the story?  Which was followed by more detailed information provided to reporters?   All as the Commander-in-Chief provided a backdrop of high fives and frivolity on the golf course?

Gee, who stole their copy of "President for Dummies"?  Surely they can't desire such optics. God help us if they do.  

And who leaked this to the media?  How soon will the leak investigation begin, because after all, everyone else in DC has been investigated/jailed for leaking.  Yes that was sarcasm.  Oh right, Eric Holder is a black man or something. 

Speaking of murdering bastards, Greg Gutfeld on Fox News broke a story tonight about an American who killed four innocent people in the name of Allah, right here in the United States.  On both coasts.  One was gay.  Another was a white teenager.  Yes, that's a similar body count to the Boston bombers.   Yet nothing in the big media.  We did learn that Obama had a hip party during his vacation at Martha's Vineyard where he danced and a great time was had by all.

And we've endured saturation coverage about the death of a young black man named Michael Brown who was killed by a cop in Missouri, yet another black man named Mohammed Brown who brags of committing jihad in America was a non-story.  This despite the fact he was rounded up in Seattle in 2004 for suspicion of supporting terrorism, to which he pled to a conspiracy charge and was released on time served.  Back in the day when people criticized Bush for arbitrarily rounding up people suspected of terrorism. 

Words simply fail.

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