Thursday, August 28, 2014

Confederate Flag Update

The Land of Fruits and Nuts.  That's what they used to call California before that term became politically incorrect.  But when they do nutty things they deserve it..
A bill that would prohibit California from displaying or selling merchandise with the Confederate flag is headed to Gov. Jerry Brown's desk, after getting final legislative approval in the Assembly on Thursday.
The measure by Assemblyman Isadore Hall III (D-Compton) would prohibit the state from displaying or selling merchandise emblazoned with the Confederate flag. The ban would not apply to images of the flag found in books, digital media or state museums if displayed for educational or historical purposes.

Speaking of nuts, a lot of people are going nuts on talk radio around here because they think the bill outright prohibits the flag, even private possession (or things like tattoos), but notice the explanation--the bill only applies to sales or display by the State of California.

How many rebel flags were being sold by the state in the first place? How many state offices were flying the flag?  The bill doesn't apply to books or digital media or other displays deemed 'educational'. And it's not clear whether it applies to the "Stars and Bars" or the "Battle Flag", which are different, but it really doesn't make a difference on the ignorance/idiocy scale. 

So there seems to be no point, other than maybe causing a national stir. Throw up a meaningless bill about banning the Confederate Flag and hope it causes a north versus south, civil war wasn't about slavery yes it was racial brouhaha in the press.  The Dems know they need black turnout in November. 

At any rate, if Governor Brown signs the bill into law that will mean he's banned a flag in the same week he welcomed illegal aliens into his state with open arms.  Pretty nutty, overall.   

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