Sunday, August 03, 2014

Side Tracks

Looked around for a decent live version of this song; most were of the lip-sync variety, so this was about it..

It is interesting though to see a big time band like LRB sing in what looks to be a club setting.  Glenn Shorrock didn't need to lip-sync and the band is tight and the sound good, which comes through despite the relatively poor quality audio.  The group resembles a bar band, some baldness, not the hippest clothes and the lead singer wearing a suit befitting a gig at the Holiday Inn.  Still, their talent comes through, especially in the harmonies.

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Debbie said...

We saw "Get On Up" today, the story about James Brown. It was really, really, good. I enjoyed every minute of it. The casting was perfect. Chadwick Boseman played James Brown. He is the same actor that played Jackie Robinson in the movie "42". Discussions about a movie started before Brown’s death in 2006 and were resurrected when Mick Jagger acquired song rights for a documentary project. The Rolling Stones front man, humorously portrayed in a key scene in “Get On Up,” thought the feature film was a good idea, too, and served as one of its producers.

They did not include the Kennedy Center Honors, which happened not too long before he died.

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