Friday, August 29, 2014

When is the Press Going to Realize....

...that the Iraq War has started again?
The strikes were conducted under authority to support Iraqi security force and Kurdish defense force operations, as well as to protect critical infrastructure, U.S. personnel and facilities, and support humanitarian efforts. Since Aug. 8, U.S. Central Command has conducted a total of 101 airstrikes across Iraq.
Only in our media bizarro world could we be bombing a country while our White House says, "no" we are not at war with the people we are bombing, and the press not make an issue of it.  

What about the official DoD name for this non-war?  Like "Iraqi Freedom", "Infinite Justice", etc.?   Well, this one seems to have no public name.  This despite Obama's comment yesterday that getting rid of the cancer of Saddam Hussein's new terrorist army would be a long, difficult quagmire.  More or less.    

MORE  8/29/14

No need to worry, America.  We have a big army and the Middle East is just going through some pain due to change.   ISIL, ISIS, a few people will die, but this will pass.  Let's hit the first tee!

Thanks  to Mark Knoller, CBS, traveling with the president to his fund-raisers today, for bringing more light to the idea that this is actually the Obama Doctrine


Debbie said...

Someone on Fox I think, compared this rise of ISIS (ISIL, Islamic State) to the rise of Nazism. I'm always fearful of comparing anyone to Hitler, etc. But the point is a good one. People did not truly see it for what it was, they never thought it would take over so much territory, as it did, ...

One difference, the world had strong leaders in the US and Britain.

This could get very scary.

And if we do nothing, (not saying I know what should be done), the Islamic State keeps taking territory, then what? They have Americans, Australians, Brits, Canadians, with passports, in their ranks...

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I'll give the president this-- it's complicated, VERY complicated. If we take down ISIS then Iran-Syria-Shiite Iraq may rise up in power, which will spook the Saudis/Gulf Shiekhs, who have their hand on Wahabbi terrorism.

But this is the guy who came to power mocking all who'd come before, the guy who was going to end the hate against America and lower the oceans because WE were the ones (we being white men's greed in a world of need) brought it all on ourselves.

How did the electorate re-elect such a failure? The media helped but we are too out of touch to understand. Our foreign policy is in ruins as Obama continues to pull back from all over the world.

And the void is being filled as we speak.