Sunday, August 24, 2014

Communist News Network strikes again

It's Sunday, so it's time for CNN to use religion to push for social justice...
Such a model allows us to feel good about our diverse congregations while nothing meaningful is being done to make significant changes in society. It ignores the fact that we have to do more than call sinners to repentance, we have to call societies, systems and structures to repentance as well.
After all, it's what Jesus would want..
Jesus discouraged the accumulation of wealth, worried about its effects on those who had it, and took special pleasure in helping the poor, dedicating his efforts to them. He must have shaken his head at the large gaps between rich and poor throughout ancient Palestine in the first century.
Forget that this clown doesn't know the difference between the system the Jews lived under 2000+ years ago and the concept of America, where an obscure black man from Hawaii (and certainly not from wealth) rose to become president.  If so he might have stumbled upon an analogy whereupon Obama's rise to power might be akin to a Jew rising to become Emperor of Rome.  But no, he chose to only focus on the current racial money divide. 

It doesn't matter, it's all about demonizing whitey to achieve a political end, no matter how it's done.  Nice job, CNN. The White House press office must be proud of your work today.

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