Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Birther Thread

OK, not really a birther thread, a thread about a birther story. News out of Hawaii:
Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie said Friday the "dark side" is responsible for accusations Barack Obama is not or should not be president because he was not born in the United States. As governor Abercrombie is optimistic he will be able to quiet at least some of the questions surrounding Obama's birth place.
This has served to excite some lefties (perhaps even some who believed Bush stole both elections and lied us into war in Iraq) but why put out fires already smoldering? Not even Fox News is giving this birther story much coverage. So it's interesting--what does Gov Neal know? Why is he inflaming this story before even being sworn into office?

Even stranger, why is MSNBC's Tingles Matthews joining the fray:

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Or the NY Times?

Perhaps they want to move the dialog back towards crazy as the new GOP House enters on duty next week. We know there are some congressmen who are birthers. Time will tell how far this goes or whether they attempt to smear the entire caucus by association, which could tell us something about Obama's feelings on working with Boehner and company in general. Marginalizing them on the front end doesn't really signal bi-partisanship.

Indeed, here's Abercrombie--someone present when Obama, Sr. was bamboozling Stanley Ann into producing Obama, Jr.--talking about the strategy he wants Obama to pursue in 2011:
Seeking consensus doesn't mean rolling over, Abercrombie said. The governor is among those calling for a more combative style from Obama, saying the president needs to resurrect Harry Truman's "give them hell" approach.
So you have that.

The other possibility is much more remote--this is a pre-emptive move to uncover any controversy now so the media can say they've already covered it come 2012. But that would mean there was actually a there there, emboldening the likes of Orly Taitz and forcing the media to backtrack.

Wait, what about Hillary? Scuttlebutt is she's leaving the SoS to retire to spend more time with the family, which consists occasionally of Bill, sometimes, or cough run for president cough. Recall it was actually that Berg guy and Larry Johnson--her supporters--who started the whole birther thing.

Or heck, maybe it's just a slow news week.

Whatever the case the timing is perfect. Obama just happens to be in Hawaii right now and reports are that his schedule is empty aside from hoops and links:
But this much privacy? Here's the official press schedule released by the White House:

The President will be in Honolulu, Hawaii, through Sunday, January 2, 2011. The President will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing every day, but there are no public events scheduled.
Looks like plenty of time for a meeting with an old family friend, if nothing more than to say congrats or maybe thanks for defending him on the hospital controversy (we report, you decide).


Debbie said...

It seems very strange to bring all this up. I thought about the Hillary angle. Someone else predicts there will be a long form birth certificate produced, but it won't be real. Who knows. Very strange.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

That's the problem, who to believe.

You could really get wild on this. Say Hillary knows there is no long form. After all, her people started the birther thing. Let's say she made the deal for SoS with Obama at the convention based on her knowledge of this fact, which was made clear to O.

Now she's hinting about leaving her position, which sounds like an attempt to run in 2012. Suddenly Abercrombie lets on he's going to release something. Maybe it's a message to Hil that they have something in the can and her hole card won't work--IOW, don't mess with us.

But see, this kind of stuff is what we're left with because the POTUS won't simply call the office of records in Honolulu and tell them to release the document, as any POTUS should do without hesitation.

Debbie said...

The following from Richard at Freedom's Zone and Hyscience:


"Re: Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie And The Obama Birth Certificate Issue
from Freedoms Zone

In regard to Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie's claim he 'remembers seeing Obama as child...with his parents at social events':

At what age would you consider a baby, a child? Remember, Abercrombie said he remembered Obama as a 'child' with his parents at 'social events'. An amazing claim as, according to records, Stanley Ann Dunham enrolled for classes at Washington State University, in Washington state, classes which began 15 days after Obama was born.

Hmmm..., some things just aren't adding up.

While I've tried to remain above the 'birther' fray, one does have to wonder why so many things just don't add up ... and it does indeed seem a bit bizarre that Obama's political action committee has spent over a million and half bucks to keep from showing a copy of the long form birth certificate - to a judge. " END QUOTE