Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Draining the American spirit

The following shouldn't be surprising:
“You can take your pick of issues where Republicans are seriously damaging this country: Iraq, global warming, civil liberties. But I resent them most for how they’ve destroyed the American spirit by using xenophobia and fear to hold onto power.
Just like our sexy friend toting the Mao handbag Newman seems to provide more evidence that beautiful celebrities were born without the ability to reason.

There's probably no sense in reminding him that Iraq was overwhelmingly supported by Congressional Democrats; that Saddam was once vilified by Clinton and Kerry; and that climate change couldn't possibly be affected (or mitigated) by anyone, much less a bunch of windbag politicians.

It's also pointless to point out that Democrats in Congress helped pass the Patriot Act in large part because threats from Islamic terrorists DO EXIST, including before 9/11 and well after Bush is gone. Talking about them does not represent "scare-mongering" anymore than pretending they don't exist represents sound policy.

But the last accusation, "using xenophobia", raises the blood temperature to a level that could literally melt steel. It's so utterly beyond the pale batty a response is hardly worth scribbling but one is demanded, no less.

How many times do people need to be reminded that illegally crossing the border is illegal? It doesn't matter who the crossers are. Funny, Mr. Newman is so concerned with Bush's trashing of Constitutional rights that he's ADVOCATING we provide them for NON-CITIZENS! He further suggests the Commander-in-Chief ignore his own Constitutional duty to protect national sovereignty and enforce the law while simultaneously suggesting he ignore the long-term blowback from leaving Iraq and the Middle East in chaos.

Talk about crushing the American spirit.

MORE 6/28/07

More hyperbole-based fund raising. Perhaps someone can ask Edwards to explain the Amanda Marcotte debacle the next time he gets on a roll bashing the poisoned discourse.

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