Friday, June 29, 2007

Russian neo-dictator finds first target

In what appears to either be a new era of conquest on the cheap for Russia (or a bizarre rewrite of the semi-classic "Ice Station Zebra") Vladimir Putin has laid claim to the North Pole and "all it's gas, oil, and diamonds". One wonders if he'll next announce Mother Russia's legitimate rights to the center of the earth and all it's molten metal (someone inform Rosie)?
The dramatic move provoked an international outcry. The U.S. and Canada expressed shock and environment campaigners said it would be a disaster.
No doubt. Perhaps this has something to do with the recent discovery by Italian researchers of a crater at the Tunguska site, which demystified the long-held notion the Russians actually caused the disaster with a botched firing of their double secret Tesla EMP gun, requiring Putin to strike out somewhere.

Seriously speaking, if the summer ice recedes more with warming the Arctic could very well become a battleground of sorts, if it hasn't already.

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