Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Planet Dennis

One might think a bill to impeach the sitting Vice President of the United States of America might warrant front page coverage on the major news sites in America. Sadly, no.

Here's a screen shot from the WaPo at 9:20pm CST. Here's the NY Times a few minutes later. And here's Keith Olbermann's network several minutes after that. Nothing jumps out. Gee, anything to do with the Dems getting thoroughly snookered?

Ironically or not, the WaPo had a feature on a new planetary system being discovered. Maybe, if they need some names, they can use Dennis or Kucinich. And if there's any moons, well, "moonbat" might be an appropriate honorarium. Hey, maybe this was the real meaning behind the comet!

By the way, the move by the GOP to force the Dems to either put up or shut up on this matter, in which they decided to do the latter, outed our local Representative Steve Cohen. Way to go, Mr. Steve. That's the kind of courage we've come to expect from Congress.

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