Sunday, November 18, 2007

Run for the hills

A little pressed for time right now but couldn't help blogging up a quick post on this article, which summarized the IPCC's latest global warming doomsday report. According to them we've got a lot to look forward to:
Arctic: Greenland ice sheet will virtually completely disappear, raising sea levels by over 30 feet, submerging coastal cities, entire island nations and vast areas of low-lying countries like Bangladesh

Latin America: The Amazon rainforest will become dry savannah as rising temperatures and falling water levels kill the trees, stoke forest fires and kill off wildlife
"Virtually completely disappear". Interesting choice of phrasing. They also said the ocean is 30 percent acidified and will be completely toast by the end of the century if action is not taken. At least they didn't say 10 years, like Ted Danson did a decade ago. Such hyperbole is the reason nobody takes these things very seriously. These Hollywood goonballs need to understand they hurt their cause by lying.

But there you have it--we're pretty much doomed. Oil is so deeply embedded into nearly every facet of the world's economy that it would be impossible to change in any short period of time due to the impact on the 3rd world alone. Add politics and terrorism and it's a longshot to ever think the world could come together to "fix" this "problem" fast enough to correct climate changes, assuming the current changes we're seeing are primarily the fault of mankind.

I think everyone knows that. The reason detailed solutions are never offered alongside these reports is the same reason Bush has rejected Kyoto--the only solution seems to be for capitalism to 'virtually completely disappear' and be replaced with a Gore-like body that would determine who could do what, when and where, making Bush's trashing of the Constitution appear as child's play. Yep, there's a major fork in the road coming and the next president will make the choice. The future of the Republic, or perhaps the world, may hang in the balance. No pressure there, eh?

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