Thursday, November 29, 2007

UBL- it was really me!

Poor Usama bin Laden. Every time he puts out an audio he has to compete with the twoofers for ownership of 9/11.

His sheikhness put out another audio today and after reminding everyone that he alone--not Bush--downed the towers (don't forget, it's OK to lie for Jihad) he got to his point:
"The American tide is ebbing, with God's help, and they will go back to their countries," he said, speaking of Europeans. Bin Laden urged Europeans to pull away from the fight.

"It is better for you to stand against your leaders who are dropping in on the White House, and to work seriously to lift the injustice against the believers," he said, accusing U.S. forces and their allies of intentionally killing women and children in Afghanistan.
Surely timed to the recent uprisings in Paris. Bin Laden is probably trying to reach the growing disaffected Islamic masses of Europe thinking he can pressure them to the streets like ala Paris and put pressure on their governments and indigenous populations to say uncle. Obviously, fracturing NATO would put tremendous pressure on us, but the fact he's switching battlefields strongly suggests we're making progress in Iraq, especially after his last effort.

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