Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tag team term

Andrew Sullivan asked today whether Bill and Hill should admit they are actually a two-fer:
Clinton H, it seems to me, needs to be asked publicly if her candidacy is, as her husband described his in 1992, "two-for-one." Will her husband be given an official position in the administration? Will he be co-president again? Is he running with her? What role would he play in office again? These are completely legitimate questions about the content of a third and possibly fourth term for the Clintons.
Despite Glenn Reynolds' recent warning that Sullivan cannot be trusted, this looks like a no-brainer to me. I've wondered the same thing of late.

Adding fuel to the fire, today Rush Limbaugh played a possible slip o' the tongue that occurred on CNN's Situation Room Tuesday in which Mrs. Clinton said:
That's what I'm gonna try to do as president again.
It's about 3:25 of the clip, if you can't stand to watch the whole thing. To heck with the illegal drivers licenses, someone should explore this question at the next debate, if not sooner.

MORE 11/9/07

This analysis seems pertinent:
In his extended remarks, the former President also explained that Hillary deserved credit for the magnificent job creation and budget surpluses during his two terms; the collapse of the Palestinian peace talks occured only because her invaluable advice went unheeded; and one of his great regrets is that he didn't listen more carefully when she made the case for aggressively pursuing Osama Bin Laden.

MORE: I 'fess up - he didn't really say those other things. Yet.

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