Friday, March 28, 2008

Gore as Yoda

And they say being the Vice President is a nothing job. It sure has helped Al Gore become the most visible ex-VP in history, a man whom the media constantly seeks to answer the world's vexing questions about politics and mother earth. Sort of like Yoda without the ears.

Jeralyn Merritt is giving kudos to the man for his measured response to a question about the contentious Democratic primary, summarized as follows:
"What have we got, five months left?"
It's an agreeable statement indeed, but there's confusion in them thar hills. Ms. Merritt lumps him with Howard Dean for sending "chill out" messages to the faithful, but a few days ago HuffPo featured an exchange between a reporter and Harry Reid in which the Majority Leader intimated that Chairman Dean had more than patience in mind:
Reid: No, it will be done. I had a conversation with Governor Dean (Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean) today. Things are being done.
"Things are being done" does not connote a "let's let this whole thing play out by itself" kind of attitude as suggested by Talk Left. Are we getting the true truth from these truth-loving Democrats?

Meanwhile, having solved the Democratic primary race Captain Planet will be appearing on 60 Minutes Sunday to inform those who don't believe human CO2 emissions are 100 percent responsible for par-boiling the planet they are nothing but flat-earthers and kooks on par with those who believed the moon landing was staged.

No matter that it lumps thousands of undecided scientists still working hard to conclusively prove or disprove man's role in our recent 30 year warming blip, it also disparages folks like the president of the Czech Republic and the founder of the Weather Channel. But of course, none of them have Emmys or Nobel Prizes in their curriculum vitae.

Close your eyes and imagine a Gore-inspired Democrat administration. Is it a stretch to believe it might see a certain usefulness for scientific muzzling or places like Gitmo (aside from housing terrorists committed to destroying western civilization)? What better place to send the oil shills masquerading as skeptics who dare challenge the party line on science? After all, they are de facto terrorists themselves, threatening the very safety of the planet, right? Just sayin.

By the way, evidently 60 Minutes will feature Gore's new enviro-friendly Nashville mansion in their piece, which he's conveniently modified by slapping on a few solar panels. Wonder if they'll remind everyone how far he has to go to catch the liar in chief?

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