Thursday, March 13, 2008


Everyone's been hatin' on Geraldine for her comments about Obama but it's hard to top Barack's mentor the Reverend Wright, who has some clarity for us:

Jesus was a black man living in a country controlled by rich white men? Hillary's never been called the N word? Mercy sakes, reverend. Weird thing is, the Hillary camp will probably be secretly applauding since they've been desperately trying to bait Obama into the gutter since South Carolina. First Bill, now Geraldine.

Really, is there anyone left who doesn't think the Democrat Party is heading for a trainwreck of epic proportions? Who will be their savior?

MORE 3/13/08

The above video was found on Huffington Post, which provided little information about time/place. It's a very bad audio synch, prompting a few to question it's authenticity. Sorry, but it's real. More here and here.

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Anonymous said...

I posted on this today; it gets worse (in case you didn't think that was possible).

Semper Fi