Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wallace walkout

The media and blogosphere were buzzing Friday about Chris Wallace of Fox News laying into his fellow commentators on Fox and Friends over their nonstop coverage of the typical white person comment, linked here in the previous post. But was it legit or perhaps a tad sensational?

Obama's campaign wasted no time getting out a statement on the matter, which reads in part:
We appreciate Chris Wallace for doing his job as a tough but fair journalist on a network that has been deeply irresponsible over the last week in its unrelenting and sensationalistic coverage of Sen. Obama.
Never mind that Obama has largely ignored Fox for the entire campaign--not a problem unless someone is running on a platform of bringing people together. Everyone except those nasty neocons (said in an Elmer Fudd voice).

By the way, has anyone of substance questioned the wisdom of Obama's campaign staff in their shotgunning of press releases before events become known? Their candidate is also running as one with superior judgment, but in retrospect they look kind of silly after the passport spying thing ended up being a bi-partisan snoop job. Fred Thompson's campaign would have never skated so easily.

But there's one more thing to consider--Wallace's "Obama Watch". Wonder where that stands now?

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