Friday, June 20, 2008

Spike Lee on chocolate

An expert on Hurricane Katrina thanks to his film “When the Levees Broke,” Lee said the same problems are affecting Missouri right now.“The money’s going to other things,” he said. “That’s going to change though.” As applause escalated, he added, in a clear reference to Barack Obama, “We’ll have a real chocolate city.”
And here everyone thought New Orleans was the chocolate city. Can't Nagin get him on brand infringement or something? And will Obama be asked to comment on that or do we have to get Clint?

But the most outrageous thing was the Nashville Examiner's comment that Lee was somehow an "expert" on things like river flood control or the Corp. of Engineers just because he made a movie about Katrina. Is that all it takes anymore to be an expert these days? Geez, four years of college and twenty of experience, down the drain. Shoulda invested in a super 8.

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