Saturday, June 21, 2008

Setting the pre-conditions

"Michelle Obama is outspoken". "Barack Obama doesn't have much experience". Whoops, were those comments racially motivated? Coming from sites like this one maybe, according to several recent stories.

Example one, Obama's fundraiser in Florida. According to CNN analyst Jack Cafferty it was "shrewd" because "they will" put the racism out there (and they know who they are).

Another flip-flop, but yes, shrewd. That's the skinny fighter from the south side of Chicago coming out, operating with bareknuckles, which everyone knows is the true path to political victories.

Seems he's trying to set the opposition on its heels in hopes they'll spend the rest of the campaign walking on eggshells and afraid to strongly challenge him on the legitimate issues for fear of being labeled according to his initial charges. And some in the media even applaud this tactic. Perhaps they're afraid, too?

Gotta hand it to his advisors, they've really got some of that-there graveltas stuff. Notice the word "fear" in that audio clip. McCain's strongest point will be to accuse Obama not only of inexperience but of being soft on terrorism. That's a standard plate on the RNC buffet line. But by linking fear with his Muslim/Arabic sounding name and his skin color he seems to be suggesting that any criticism of his terror policies will amount to racism.

It also puts McCain into the position of disavowing almost every 527 ad since most will be labeled racist by somebody, which is pretty smart if that's what he's doing.

In example two Mary C. Curtis, a black woman, takes aim at Gloria Steinem and the feminist movement in her WaPo editorial for not coming to the aid of Michelle Obama, whom Ms. Curtis calls a "victim"
Michelle Obama is being demonized for things she allegedly said on tapes that are rumored to exist. She is a victim of sexism and racial stereotypes.
Pay no attention to the fact that the perpetrator of said racial stereotyping was Clinton supporter Larry Johnson. True, Ms. Curtis seems to be targeting her wrath at white Democrat feminists (without using the words white and Democrat) but she leaves the impression it's the conservatives they need to be attacking, the ones who'll be doing the stereotyping. By setting the potential First Lady up as a victim early in the process any future criticism can be called an unfair stereotype, thereby giving her a free pass, and NOW could help by pointing that out.

It would be refreshing to see Obama come out and give another race speech to eliminate this stuff, saying in effect "we don't do inoculations, this is the presidency". And there is a backlash potential if he takes it too far, something he surely understands. But nonetheless, team McCain is facing something no past candidate for president has ever faced. Will we see any 'straight talk' addressing it?

THEN AGAIN.. 6/21/08

Maybe he's talking about this. One would hope the RNC learned their lesson in Mississippi.


Anonymous said...

If McCain is smart – and I’m not suggesting any such thing, his campaign will put together a filmstrip mosaic of Obama saying (incessantly) this isn’t about race . . . which in its totality, Obama has made it exactly that.

A.C. McCloud said...

Could work from a 527, but I don't think he can touch that third rail himself.