Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama a Jedi?

George Lucas casually answered that question in the affirmative when quizzed by the media during his recent Washington visit. But did he really think it through or did the press use a Jedi mind trick on him?

From what we can gather based on his movies a Jedi should be a person of unquestioned courage, unwavering moral and ethical convictions, and an accomplished fighter. Has Obama really shown enough of any of these qualities to get the label?

Take courage. While it's hard to gage any man's level of guts (especially when we know so little about him) Obama's resume doesn't suggest many severe tests in that department beyond the normal mortal. Certainly this cannot be said for McCain.

As to moral and ethical convictions, Barack certainly talks a good game but his actions don't. He spent 20 years in a church listening to a pastor and befriending others he later quickly disavowed when they became an issue. He made friends with shady characters like Tony Rezko and William Ayers who helped his personal situation, community standing, and career. Would Luke?

His accomplishments would fit in a two page pamphlet. He's spent less time in the Senate than McCain spent in the Hanoi Hilton. As to being a fighter, Barack has some qualities there--anyone coming out of Chicago does--but Jedis fight clean. We've learned Obama sometimes had to take care of business when push came to shove.

So by any objective standard Barack really doesn't fit the Jedi mold. Who would he be? Well, he's not quite smooth enough to be Lando, although it's close. He's not old enough and wise enough to be Ben Kenobi or Yoda and he's not obnoxious enough to be Jar Jar Binks. Actually he's seems more like C-3PO in the way he talks about dealing with adversaries, but any suggestions are welcome.

Anyway, the press asked Lucas about Bush and Cheney but for some reason they forgot McCain. Let's see, former military pilot, noted maverick, once a self-proclaimed ladies man...?

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