Sunday, June 15, 2008

Keeping it all straight

It all started with Larry, the man once trained in subterfuge and psyops. Everyone on the web knows this. But Barack Obama's new fight the smears site isn't intended for net savvy customers.

For example, this power to truth site claims a Republican operative named Roger Stone is a "well-known sleazemeister". How can someone be a well-known anything when they're not very well known? And is he now a sleazemeister because the site said so?

In making his point Obama posted a You Tube of the guy talking about the whitey rumor on June 1 yet ignored a tape from known Democrat strategist Bob Beckel from June 3, which threw gas on the Whitey tape fire several days after Stone's utterances. Heck, he could have also pointed to a host of lefty bloggers who favored Hillary, like this one. But he didn't.

Today Allahpundit pointed to yet another MSM story blaming conservatives for the whole flap, this time from ABC News. Actually the Village Voice had the narrative down a few weeks ago, shown in this May 27 post blaming the right. Like Obama they mentioned Johnson but spared him the scorn. It's true the MSM doesn't need a website to help them bury important facts from a story but it can't hurt. It's also official, not just some idiot blogger.

Well, none of this should be shocking, unless SOP is shocking. Who could forget the traction Hillary got with her "vast right wing conspiracy" BS during Bill's trouble? And she almost got away with the vastly idiotic "if I knew then what I know now" explanation for her Iraq war vote, one of the silliest ever, that is until Barack came along and removed the press's reason for incuriosity.

But hey, beauty is truth, truth beauty-- who's going to watch the watcher, Snopes? Ah heck, who needs 'em?! All we know is that right wing bloggers or talk show hosts can't be trusted to debunk anything anymore--all they do is pass along smears.

UPDATE 6/15/08

Beckel just boarded the train. His initial video is posted above. You decide.

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