Monday, June 09, 2008

In reply...

To TChris over at Talk Left, who asked..
You think this has nothing to do with the upcoming election? Then why, after warehousing "enemy combatants" (or whatever the administration is calling them today) for the last six years without a single trial, have trials (perhaps including death penalty trials) become a sudden priority?
Perhaps it's a fear the new government might let these terrorists go if this drags past the election?

Seriously, there might be some timing aspect of these trials but let's remember, the administration didn't want trials at all. If anything the timing should remind Americans of the threats we face--threats that some Democrats have increasingly called "fearmongering" with each passing day free from attack.

But c'mon, TChris, the Democrats have been timing testimony in Congress since they entered session in early 2007. Just recently they timed a release of an add-on to the Phase II intelligence report to once again suggest that Bush lied about Iraq by quoting him in the media (even though it shows the committee chairman also lied as well). No question we'll see more of this hard work from Congress through early November, until Obama comes in and "changes" Washington to solid liberal.

Yet for some reason the story of Toni Locy has not excited our House and Senate watchdogs, despite the fact that Bush Justice Department Officials are accused of leaking information and despite the fact Hollywood traditionally loves stories about defiant reporters refusing to give up sources. Maybe it's because John McCain has already put his name on a potential shield law. Or maybe they're afraid of something else.


Anonymous said...

The individual is basing his argument on a false premise, even if I do agree that justice delayed is justice denied. The United States isn’t warehousing enemy combatants; these people are legally defined as unlawful enemy combatants, which means they are stateless thugs for whom no lawfully recognized state is responsible. IMO, they should have been fried years ago.

A.C. McCloud said...

I think there are probably some who have fallen through the cracks but the problem is the left sees them all in that group and presumes Bush is just rounding up goat herders for sport. It's sheer madness.

Yet the ravings of KSM should be enough to show everyone how devoted these guys are to the cause. Sadly, too many have already forgotten. Again.

zainuddin said...

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