Sunday, November 30, 2008

Something Must be Done

About the Pakistani tribal agency region.

The Pakis are saying two things right now: one, they are ready to help and two, they are ready for war. Sorry, but when people train in one country to prepare for an attack on another, in this case a long-held enemy, most people assume the host country has some responsibility.

Meanwhile, we know the US has sent drone missions into the terrortories with rebuke but it's the one area in the world we know our enemy resides, yet cannot get to it. As Obama once asked, with us or with the terrorists, Paki?

The Mumbai attacks may finally force this issue one way or the other. Indians want revenge just like Americans did after 9/11. Cooler heads must prevail between nuke-armed rivals but one thing should be clear--Pakistan must either get control of Baluchistan (perhap via the government in exile?) and Waziristan or let a coalition do it for them, history or not. The world cannot stand by and watch while international terrorists are manufactured there while the host government sits on its hands and covers its ears.

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