Thursday, February 11, 2010

Biden's Biden

Joe Biden talked to Larry King and seems to be laying down some new ground..

We must assume Joe is privy to some inside knowledge as to the size of the next attack lest he set the administration (or maybe just him) up for failure. But it's an interesting statement. Perhaps Joe has been sent out to help put terrorism back into the nuisance box so as not to lose focus on the the more important domestic agenda. Downplaying the threat also helps get the KSM show trial to Manhattan, a plan mostly likely designed to allow surrogates to take free shots at Bush-Cheney and tie them to current Repubs in front of the mid-terms. Oh and to uphold our values.

Or maybe it was just Joe being Joe. After all, he offhandedly praised Bush on fighting terror and said he "likes" Sarah Palin despite some of her ideas (countdown to a Palin Facebook reply).

But the suggestion, even if clumsily made, that his administration might get credit for a successful Iraq was just plain 'out there'. Or wait, again, maybe it was just Joe being Joe, since he was once a true believer. It's hard to tell! Is this kinder, gentler Joe representative of some kind of new way forward in the post Scott Brown/Abdulmuttalob era at least until the health summit, or just a political burp? Well, whatever the case let's hope Obama doesn't go all Gangsta on him for talking out of turn. Joe's a likable guy.

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Debbie said...

As Sarah Palin would say, "Oh, Joe!'"


It's obvious these people do not think before they open their mouths, or they think people are stupid.

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