Friday, February 12, 2010

Seizing the Moment

Last week Barack Obama appeared at the Democrat retreat and scolded those in attendance for participating in the 'echo chamber', which he defined as CNN, Fox, MSNBC and blogs. He told them to get out more. This week the prez talked about rising above the pettiness.

Today loopy Laurence O'Donnell was bouncing all over the walls on MSNBC's Morning Joe with one of his patented filibusters during a segment with ex Bush speechwriter Marc Theissen about terrorist interrogation. O'Donnell (a frequent guest on Olbermann's show) was hushed and sent to the corner, after which he returned with the brilliant smack down of calling Theissen a silver spoon chickenhawk.

He'll probably double down tonight on whatever show lets him rant. So now is the time for Obama to seize his Sister Souljah moment and call out O'Donnell, and by extension Olbermann, just like he did with Fox News. Think of the amazing new credibility he could gain with the moderates. And it would set him up nice going into the GOP health summit.

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