Saturday, February 20, 2010

Odds n Ends

On Tiger Woods... we are all sinners, although some can afford more sin than others. To say Tiger isn't sorry is not for us to say but to say he didn't enjoy himself is to distort reality--he obviously thought it was worth the risk. The question is whether he's truly sorry or whether his sorrow is rooted in the destruction of his endorsement reputation. He can still play golf like no other, so we will have to watch going forward to see if his demeanor changes, and whether he eventually decides to drop a race card.

For what it's worth, he should have allowed questions then politely refused to answer those that crossed the line (most all) but they were probably afraid someone would get too deep into the car accident and the nine iron, etc. As to his choice of timing, Ernie Els has a point, although it's possible more than a few fellow tour players are secretly enjoying this flame out, perhaps a bit too much.

Anyway, thankfully his wife didn't subject herself to that show. The innocent victims here are still his children, so here's hoping Mr. Woods can find his way, for their sake if nothing else.

Dutch Government falls over Afghanistan... This wasn't supposed to happen with Obama. Maybe Conyers and Leahy can hold hearings.

Bybee, Yoo cleared... Leahy and Conyers will hold hearings. The document is here. Yet another sensitive report released on a Friday afternoon--Obama must be trying to set records for that.

Health care... now Obama is suggesting, or maybe threatening, they could ram through a new bipartisan bill on a simple majority. They are planning to use the coming health care showdown summit to set this up. It's a bluff the GOP should call.

Tax scofflaw Wesley Snipes on Joe Stack... What's new?
He brushed off the experience as just another part of living. "These are the bumps and bruises of life. They build character and you learn from it as you move on."
Stack certainly wasn't as rich as Snipes but he never seemed to get that.

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