Thursday, February 18, 2010

Saved or Created

On da Stimulus..

No earmarks? The whole thing is pretty much a giant earmark. As to fraud, despite the weird conversation about barking dogs, has anyone other than Mark Pryor and Faux News been looking for it? It's possible he checked, if Joe remembered the number. Surely he didn't get it from Bayh.

All so predictable. Obama came into office at the down point of a bad cycle and immediately threw out the recovery plan (without anyone reading it) before anymore economic reports could arrive showing minor improvement. With most of the stimulus not scheduled to kick in until this year anyway, and most of last year spent fighting over health care and global warming, it's now time to take ownership of Bush's failed economy.

If anything the TARP financial bailout (Bush) and his auto bailouts did more to stop any massive collapses but he owns the Stimulus so they'll point to it exclusively from here on. Looking back, perhaps Caterpillar is the appropriate bellweather of how things have gone:
"We are pleased that signs of recovery in the global economy allow us to return a selected group of laid off employees to work," Chairman Jim Owens said in a written statement. "But it's important to remember that we are not close to the record-breaking demand we experienced from 2004 through 2008."
Wait, record demand during the horrible Bush economy? How could that be? Of course that was issued in October 2009 so here's January 2010. Only in politics can 37,000 full and part time layoffs followed by 500 re-hires be absolutely awesome.

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