Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Sunday

For what's it's worth my pick is for the Saints--on a lark. Manning should find some receivers but I'll foolishly go with the intangible destiny thing. No, I have no money on it. And yes, Obama seems to be in agreement but don't make anything of it. Surely if the Saints lose he'll send Gibbs out on Monday to declare his 'outrage' at Bush's dereliction of duty for ruining New Orleans.


And no LA, I will not pay you licensing fees for using the term.. In other news, the scientist in the middle of climategate scandal is feeling sorry for himself, comparing himself to WMD scientist Dr. David Kelly who allegedly committed suicide over Britain's involvement in Iraq. Not surprising at all. He's probably still well behind Sarah Palin in death threats and nastygrams (and she also got her emails hacked).

Remember Pfc Bowie Bergdahl, the soldier captured by the Taliban last June? They are now saying they'll kill him unless we swap them Aafia Siddique, the mad American-trained Pakistani bio-scientist recently convicted in a New York federal court (ht Debbie). Which of course means these guys are paying close attention to the 'echo chamber' over here. Obama must be pissed.

Today we discover that Sarah Palin writes notes on her palm and that Rush Limbaugh is defending the use of 'retard', while the IPCC refuses to apologize for lying and the president blames his ineffectiveness on bloggers and Bush. Thanks guys, I know I've never really grown up but I don't feel so childish anymore.

POST GAME 2/7/10

Yeah, should of had some money on it. Good game overall, commercials were decent, the Who was decent considering the two front men must be 70 years old. And the Tebow commercial was hilarious--because of what it wasn't.


What happened to TV networks providing public service messages gratis? The Census ad pretty much sucked (did Ed Begley, Jr. and the other actors get paid for that?) and not even sure it will be viewed much on the Tubes either, which might have been the underlying point. The 133 million given to the ad buys seems more like a network/media stimulus program but of course the Democrats have high hopes for their return on investment.

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