Sunday, September 26, 2010

From Across the Pond

Here's a very interesting but troubling story that will likely receive very little attention from the US media. In a nutshell, a British MI6 intelligence agent was recently found dead inside his apartment in a sack with a padlock on the outside. Thought to be a math/computer prodigy, he had been on loan to our NSA working to defeat cyber terrorism and was making trips back and forth before he died. Autopsies did not confirm cause of death:
The bureau has employed face recognition technology at US airports in a bid to establish whether Gareth Williams travelled in and out of the US any stage with a couple answering the description of two people Scotland Yard have appealed to come forward in connection with his death.

The couple, of 'Mediterranean' appearance, were thought to have visited Mr Williams's flat in Pimlico sometime in June or July. Scotland Yard believes the pair, in their thirties, were known to Mr Williams since neighbours do not recall buzzing them into the address.
Not exactly sure what "Mediterranean" appearance means in this case (as in which side of that water body) but can't help thinking this might be a revenge hit for the weird Israeli takeout of the Hamas leader in Dubai last year.

Whatever the case, this doesn't sound good considering the amount of top secret information this guy possessed--in his brain alone.

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