Thursday, September 09, 2010

Loving and Hating the First Amendment

As the proposed Quran burning day draws near and the world's intelligensia are expressing their mock indignation while US flags burn in some quarters, president Obama has called the proposed burning a recruitment bonanza for AQ. Why he didn't preface it with "yet another" is unknown at this point. Meanwhile Interpol, yes Interpol, has pushed this future act to the top of their case list:
Interpol on Thursday issued a global alert to its 188 member countries, warning of a "strong likelihood" of violent attacks if the Quran burning proceeds.
Not just them, but the UN, international dignitaries and other bigwigs have all weighed in with quivered warnings. Doesn't this tell us something about the Muslim world in general? Imam Rauf is now saying he was shocked, shocked that his victory mosque would upset anyone and that he'd move it except for the fact it would be a risk to national security (exploding Muslims around the world). Seems the press is burying the lede.

Meanwhile, as officials warn of KKK style violence here in the states CAIR is on the scene, exploiting this non-event for all it's worth as well:
CAIR has been working with attorneys, and no basis has been found to stop the burnings under the law, he said, but he added that if the plan is going to incite violence, the government should step in.
Hmm, since the Qurans would have to first be lit on fire to actually trigger the violence, how could the government 'step in'? Where is Obama to support the First Amendment?

Meanwhile, local officials are poised to arrest Jones if he starts a fire without a permit. Makes sense--no community wants that bullseye (besides the fact Jones seems a little off) but what if he puts them in a fireplace? What if wraps the Qurans with an American flag before flicking his bic?


Debbie said...

Now Pastor Jones is not going to burn the koran, with the understanding that Imam Rauf will not build the mosque at the present position.

Big surprise, the Imam says he is building the mosque there and that if he is forced to build it somewhere else, we will be attacked by the ROP. Odd isn't it?

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

One of the more bizarre yet illustrative media stories ever seen.

Each group is showing its nasty colors in dramatic ways--and all before anything has even happened.