Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Threat Interrupted?

That's what they're saying, at least:
US law enforcement officials say they have been told the terrorists were planning a series of "Mumbai-style" commando raids on what were termed "economic or soft" targets in the countries. Pakistani militants killed 173 people with guns and grenades during the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, India.
The Eiffel Tower was evacuated again yesterday for the second time in as many weeks so even if they blame false alarms there's clearly some nervousness out there right now. As to picking up the threat, thank western intelligence:
Intelligence and law enforcement authorities in the US and Europe said the threat information is based on the interrogation of a suspected German terrorist allegedly captured on his way to Europe in late summer and now being held at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.
And thank the courts, including the Obama DoJ. There's a reason they sent him to Bagram instead of Gitmo, made clear in a recent ruling. Glenn Greenwald might envision a Utopia where terrorists are people too and get rights, but here in the real world they grilled the bastard and he spilled something. Hopefully lives were saved.

BTW, this is yet another example of president possum's shell game--while he focused everyone on the outrages at Gitmo and "torture" his admin kept rendition (apparently used here) and quietly pushed back against a lawsuit seeking habeas rights for Bagram prisoners, winning in part by using a Bushian state secrets defense. How many young skulls of mush even know this?
Yet he's out on the campaign trail warning voters about losing their civil liberties if the TeaGOParty takes over. Guarding the change, baby.

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