Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Let the Games Begin, er, Continue!

Obama is making all the late Labor Day internet mainstream news headlines with his "fired up" Milwaukee speech. The picture at left is a composite of his demeanor during the Iraq speech and today's barnburner (it's clear what animates the man). Here are a few headlines..

Obama Revs Into Campaign Mode in Wisconsin

Obama assails GOP, promotes new jobs program

Fired Up Obama Pushes $50 Billion Infrastructure Plan to Create Jobs

ABC also had a subheadline.. "If I said fish live in the sea, Republicans would say no", which was included in the speech along with the normal blevy of knocked over strawmen and the requisite analogy about cars, ditches and keys. It's almost as if Obama has forgotten he was once a member of a Democratically controlled Congress in 2006 and got all that money from the GSEs.

Anyway, it's "game on". Obama will be working every hour of every minute of every day to save jobs--mainly those held by his various ideological friends in Congress.

BTW, the 50 billion infrastructure fund is interesting, since the original Stimulus was billed as both a jobs program and had about 50 billion for infrastructure. Forgotten, or spent elsewhere?

And what up with the railroad thing? The original stimulus had billions for rail. Where are the bullet trains? And no he doesn't mean freight rail since most lines in America are privately owned and issue stock and are in good financial shape despite the downturn (thanks to deregulation). Besides, the Senate recently passed a bill giving tax breaks for private capital investment in the freight rails. That means it's not from you--unless you want it to be. In other words, the American way.

No, Obama probably will send some of the money to subsidize transit unions via commuter rail and Amtrak, the latter of which just got through with a nasty union fight over losing a commuter rail contract in Virginia. If it ever happens, that is. Chances are this is another strawman; a bill offering goodies that the GOP cannot possibly sign onto, so when they don't Obama can continue to blame them for the failure of the original stimulus they just said no to.

DOG DAYS 9/7/10

The right blogosphere has gone to the dogs over Obama's dog comment. But it's obvious what he's doing here. The reason he goes off script when attacking strawmen and big business/bankers and not during national defense announcements is because it's where his passion, hope and change lie. Clearly O wants to exit, stage left from all the wars so he can focus every hour of every minute of every day on the one campaign promise he's managed to keep more than any others--transforming America. Spreading the wealth around.

He even compared success in general to greed, saying that's not what made America great. Does he include Google and Microsoft in that? He should know that 'greedy' corporations were a large part of making America great. There's a difference between common sense regulation and simply taking their money and giving it to someone else.

It's all for the working man, which means union man, as if nobody but union people actually work. That's another false illusion designed to create an image of us versus them. That's not what made America great.

Obama was also animated back during the AIG crisis when he told the corporate dogs that they better watch it, because he was the only one standing between them and the pitchforks. An open threat, which resulted in the government appointing people to break bankruptcy precedent and make their own rules. That's not what made America great either.

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