Monday, September 20, 2010

The Rove Thing

I can clearly understand Karl Rove's position on O'Donnell. Like it or not she has baggage, and it might prevent her from winning the primary against the RINO Castle. Oh wait--it's over. She won. So what the hell is Rove doing?

Some have said this might be a top drawer political black ops job designed to set him up as a foil so O'Donnell ends up running against the evil Rover and not the 'bearded Marxist', who's up by 11 in the polls. He's been known to use the Atwater playbook. If so, well kudos to the 'architect' I guess.

But c'mon. If he's on the level then what's to accomplish aside from burnishing a consulting rep (if she loses) if this isn't a warning shot from the GOP establishment across the bow of the ship of TEA? There are always going to be disagreements in every party on how to win, but how is arguing about it in public helpful? Doesn't make sense.

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