Friday, February 04, 2011

Awesome Indeed

There is utter chaos on the streets in Egypt. Here in America everyone including the president is trying to figure out what's going on and what it means and who's to blame. This picture probably won't help matters..

It purports to be Coptic Christians forming a ring around some protesting Muslims as they pause for daily prayer. Copts were recently attacked by a self-described branch of AQ and in response some Muslims Imams called for unity. Let's hope this is true. And let's hope Ayman Zawahiri sees this picture and it causes him to have a stroke. OK, it's not Christian-like to wish bad health on enemies, so perhaps it will cause him to run outside his hut screaming and get killed by a drone.

Most agree the region has reached a decision point. The future seems to lie with either democratic states or thugocracies (that we are forced to pay off to keep the peace) or theocracies like Iran. The thugocracies are a dying breed in a world of Twitter and Facebook--Bush was trying to foster a regional movement by remaking Iraq because he knew the only hope of stopping organized and state-sponsored terrorism was to reform the states.

So yes, the protesters here are quite awesome, and quite inevitable.

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