Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Ticking Time Bomb

Apparently all the chaos in Arabia and here at home is masking a serious, serious national crisis--call it a ticking time bomb in the health care system. Overweight pets.

Yes, overweight pets.

But gosh, if our pets are overweight that seems like a sign of prosperity. If the Koch Brothers were really that evil we'd already be eating pet food ourselves.

Now pardon me, but there's a tornado coming...


Debbie said...

Hope you made it through the tornado and storms. Penelope the Beagle and I watched the radar and when the hook in the red stuff (which means a tornado could be there) got almost over our house, we got in our little safe cubbyhole under the stairway in the middle of the house. I watched the radar on the laptop until it passed over the house and we emerged safe and sound.

Actually I've never been afraid of storms, but hubby wasn't home and he insisted we take cover just to be sure we were safe. Most of the heavy rain, wind and lightening were behind the front.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

It was nasty up that way. Memphis dodged yet another bullet. Looks like we get to go through this drill again on Sunday, whoopee!