Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ends Justify Means in Madison

Is there any better example of the difference between liberals and conservatives--doctors at the protest rally writing notes for striking "sick" state workers in Madison? Nothing exemplifies 'ends justify means' any better...hey--screw the rules when they apply to me!

Long gone are the days when civil servants had a humble spirit of service, knowing their jobs existed at the whim of the elected officials and taxpayers who pay their salaries and pensions.

OK, that's never been the case.

Which is part of the problem. Protesters were actually on the street yelling through bullhorns for higher taxes, in other words, solve the problem by stealing more money from the successful private sector workers (to be fair not all teachers feel this way).

None of this is to say workers don't need protection--they do, and even in the public sector--but the inmates cannot be allowed to run the institution. Having a system where workers can put pressure on elected officials to raise taxes in order to fulfill contracts despite having so much protection it damn near takes killing someone to get fired is not 'what democracy looks like'. It's what failure looks like.

Walker may not have intended to do so but he's jettisoned himself into the history books in only a few short months as Wisconsin has become the epicenter of the great debate between small and big, rich and poor. In many ways it has also become ground zero for Obama's presidency and the future of America. What happens over the next week could affect the strategy of politicians in DC as they prepare for a federal showdown on March the 4th.

To that end, the protesters have exercised their freedom and have redressed their government over a grievance. Here's hoping the true spirit of America takes hold and everyone goes back to their jobs and lets the republic function as it was designed.


Debbie said...

This has been interesting to watch because the teachers have struck a very sore nerve in many American taxpayers. This anger at the way union workers expect everything to be handed to them on the backs of others has long been simmering. The TEA Party is already organized and working smoothly and through their organization a loud voice is being heard.

As to the doctors, they could have their licenses to practice medicine taken away from them permanently, so my hubby says. Not a smart move on their part. However, I don't really expect anyone to do anything against the doctors or the lying teachers.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Nope, they won't. Or the fleeing Democratic state senators.