Sunday, February 06, 2011

God is a Socialist?

Are Christians not Christian-like if they aren't socialists? Hot Air points to a Ruth Marcus column in RCP about Obama's appearance at the National Prayer Breakfast, whereupon he self-identified as a born-again Christian in an apparent effort to set up his rationale for spreading the wealth.

Marcus, and Obama, seem to be saying that only big government spending--even if we don't have the money--is the only moral and righteous course for Christians. No longer should conservatives enjoy a moral high ground with God for constitutional frugality--they want a share for pushing the Lord's work through higher taxation.

First off, these guys are good. They really are. No doubt the party has been gaming out some of these religious strategies since November as a sneaky way to combat the incoming conservative Congress, many of whom tend to be gullible when it comes to a sleight of hand. Obama's speech was marvelous. It was. But as he waxed like a preacher about touching the face of God and coming together and being patient and praying for his adversaries it's useful to remember that only a few months ago he was telling Hispanics to punish their enemies and the GOP challengers to get in the back seat. Remember which side more ascribes to a long-held credo of "ends justify means".

The Founding Fathers provide a useful backdrop here. Most were believers, some even devout, yet they devised a limited constitutional republic that featured weak powers over the states centered on individual liberty, with just enough federal taxing powers to defend the union, build roads, process the post, and send envoys around the represent us in the world. Had they wanted a share-the-wealth social democracy they could have built one, but they didn't. Over-taxation would not have impressed them much nor would they have taken kindly to being called un-Christian for opposing it. They might even have reeled off a few Bible verses in reply.

We have a very clever president. He might be the best speaker to ever occupy the presidency insofar as his chameleon-like ability to adapt to whatever audience he's addressing. But it long ago became useful to watch what he does, not what he says.


LASunsett said...

Someone should inform these people that charity is not charity unless it's voluntary. And if government is so well adept at charity, why does John Kerry park his yacht in RI, to avoid paying the state government where he resides its fair share of charity?

A.C. McCloud said...

"Do as I say...."