Thursday, February 03, 2011

Memphis to Get Democrat Convention?!

That's right folks, direct from the First Lady:
In listing Charlotte's many virtues, Obama named southern charm, hospitality, diversity — "And of course, great barbecue."
Clearly--they picked Memphis and mistakenly sent the email to Charlotte, even though we weren't in the running! Score one for us--lots of drunks and hookers to help eat the BBQ!

Yeah, Charlotte actually got it. Politico was suggesting the First Lady's office used some kind of form letter to congratulate them but perhaps they just used a stereotype. Don't all redneck southern cities have great barbecue? They probably figured they couldn't go wrong.

But go wrong they did, especially when the mayor responds like this:
"We have good barbecue in Charlotte, but there's great barbecue [elsewhere] across the state," Foxx told POLITICO. "I have had great barbecue in Charlotte that's been brought in on a truck."

But he said Charlotte will not let down the Obamas.

"If barbecue is what the First Lady wants, she will have all the barbecue she needs," Foxx said. "We'll make sure of it."
Shipped in from Memphis, perhaps. But of course, nobody in her party will be able to eat it.


LASunsett said...

Be thankful it isn't coming to your town. I am sure that Memphis has enough psychotic space aliens as it is. Who needs Democrats making it even worse?

And as for BBQ from Memphis, I have yet to find any better, anywhere, with the possible exception of Kansas City. Still, that's a toss-up.

This administration is so embarrassing on so many fronts. Just when I think they cannot top their last instance of open and blatant stupidity, they prove me wrong.

A.C. McCloud said...

Imagine had Sarah Palin claimed Omaha was known for their excellent etouffee. Matthews' head would have blown clean off his body.