Thursday, February 10, 2011

To a Boil

We've had a day of rage in Egypt so today must have been a day of rumor:
Another phone call from Obama to Abdullah on Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011 (today) was described as the most acerbic the US president has ever had with an Arab ruler and brought their relations into deep crisis and placed in jeopardy the entire edifice of US Iran and Middle East policies, causing the king to fear that in the event of a situation developing in Saudi Arabia like the uprising in Egypt, Washington would dump him just like Mubarak.
Wonder which side is leaking these private Obama-Abdullah conversations? Added to the rumor mill is one that says Abdullah has died (DEBKA, for what it's worth), of course the thought of Saudi collapsing might do it, especially considering the likely heirs and their methods.

One has to wonder how much any of that has to do with the Wiki Leak about SA's oil reserves being overblown by about half, which is drawing only timid press here. Perhaps the cable was passing along a rumor but certainly if factual it might shine some extra light on our presence in Iraq.

Right Truth also points out that 2 supertankers have now been captured by the Somali Popeyes while Mubarak seems to be re-thinking his exile. Sounds like some upcoming fun in the oil futures market. It might be interesting to know what position George Soros has taken.

Well, surely the smart power set is in the Situation Room figuring all of this out right now. Or not. Where is Hillary anyway? Meanwhile the threat of terrorism is as high now as 9/11 but it's mainly domestic. Gee, weren't the 9/11 hijackers operating in America?

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