Saturday, June 04, 2011

James Arness, RIP

For all the Gunsmoke fans..

He embodied the American male hero of a bygone era--honest, strong, and relatively silent until he needed to say something, and when he did people listened. Yes, just a character, but Gunsmoke would not have persisted for all those years without that character.

With that here's this week's musical selection, a song from another 60s-era TV show based on what made Dodge City famous (in real life)..


LASunsett said...

He was TV's John Wayne. Unlike many others who moved on and into the movies, he was content to stay on TV and be the character he helped create.

Each time one of these people like Arness passes, another part of our childhood dies with them.

Debbie said...

I missed this in the news, my hubby told me about it this morning. I always liked that show. Another good one bites the dust.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

My favorite Gunsmoke was where Dillon rides up into the hills after a guy who messed with his woman. He gets down off his horse and walks up a few steps and yells, "Jude Bonner, I'm here to kill ya". Just so matter of fact, even in a passion situation.

Mustang said...

I understand that producers initially wanted John Wayne to star in the lead role of Marshal Matt Dillon; Wayne suggested they offer it to James Arness, who was a good friend.

Arness wasn’t sure he wanted a TV role, but according to this story, Wayne told him … “You’re 6’4” tall and none of the big names in cinema wants to look up to you in the films. Take the TV spot.”

I watched Gun Smoke for years on television, and I even listened to it on the radio. James Arness WAS Marshal Dillon; he was “the old west.”

Thanks for the memories ...