Saturday, June 11, 2011

Side Tracks

CBS Sports is using this track on the coverage of the Fed Ex St. Jude golf tourney this weekend and it got in my head. So here it is..


Anonymous said...

Dear Blog Administrator,

The guitar in this video is a symbol of racism and oppression. I am offended and will be placing a call to the Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr.

Other than that, the white boys can sing.


Jamaal Abdul Washington III

A.C. McCloud said...

Dear Jamaal,

Guitars can't be symbols of racism or oppression. That's quite impossible, unless the physical shape of the instrument takes on the appearance of a series of Ks, a swastika, a bunch of Cs and a P, or the outline of Usama bin Laden. Red and white with stars appear on the American flag. Please get a grip on your knee-jerk hatred of guitars. There are professionals who may be able to help! !

Blog Administrator