Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whose Side Are you On?

Which side? On America's side, which requires the president to simply swallow his basketball-sized pride enough to come to Congress.

It's simple. When threatened, or when our interests are at risk we go to war to win. If time is critical we go right away. If there's time for diplomacy, we do that first. If diplomacy fails the president takes it to the peeps. In the case of Libya our president has not ONCE offered to sit down and negotiate with Moammar Gaddafi to end the hostile non-hostilities after promising to do so with all our enemies, without pre-conditions. Yes, just words.

Perhaps we should ask Mrs. Dissent is Patriotic whose side she's on--Bashar Assad's? Ahmadinejad's? The Bahraini King? Kim Jong Il, jr? Was she on Saddam's side?

This kind of rhetoric is not helpful, but it is quite ironic considering she's advocating no diminution to our (non) efforts in Libya while her boss just heralded his diminution of forces in the country he promised to scale up forces in to win a war on terror his predecessor forgot while dabbling in a country that never attacked us on 9/11.


LASunsett said...

Isn't amazing how hypocritical this bunch is when they are in power and making decisions involving the military?

Notice how most of the people who oppose the action in Libya (myself included) are not screaming illegal war at the top of their lungs and making up lies to accuse the administration of such (even though it is)?

During Iraq, Kerry said wrong war wrong time etc. Hillary had her moment with the quote you cite, and the Daily Kos had war for oil postings every day. Now, we just mention the fact that Congress was bypassed in all of this and we now somehow unpatriotic.

The Democratic Party can be renamed the hypocrite party. I wonder what we have to do to get this in Roget's Thesaurus.

A.C. McCloud said...

The funny thing is Obama did kinda lie "days, not weeks" and it is largely a war for oil. It's also technically illegal since he's busting the WPR. So you can rename them the hypocrite party with ease, but they'll just ignore you and begin talking about Cheney or Sarah Palin.

LASunsett said...

//So you can rename them the hypocrite party with ease, but they'll just ignore you and begin talking about Cheney or Sarah Palin.//

You forgot Halliburton. No Leftist rant is ever complete without Halliburton being demonized.